Fire Safety Tips

Help us help you.

TIP of the MONTH–   Have your chimneys cleaned — this is for pellet, corn, coal or wood fired devices.smoke detectors

  • Check the Batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year at least.
  • Use UL safety rated surge protectors and avoid hooking extension cords into other extension cords. Unplug or turn off holiday lights while you are asleep or away from the residence.
  • Never leave candles unattended when lit. Make sure you extinguish them when you are not around. Unattended candles and small children do not mix.
  • Place Easy-to-See Address Markers at your residence–  Help Fire EMS personnel find your house in an emergency by clearly placing your street number at the end your driveway.    Other elements of a strong address marker- 1) visible from both directions of the street, 2) Reflective for night-time responses, 3) Placed three to four feet off the ground,  and 4) numbers on sign 3-5 inches in height.
  • Cut your Grass — Wildfire season never leaves Colorado.  A simple way to protect your home from wildfire is to cut down the dry grass around your house at least 50 feet out.
  • Never burn building materials or treated lumber in your “in-home” stove. Most give off extremely toxic and harmful gases. Clean out and store “cold” ashes in metal cans with a lid.
  • NEVER store ashes in boxes or plastic or place them on your deck or up against your home. “Cold” ashes are not always cold and can stay warm enough to restart a fire for up to 7 days.
  • Keep all flammable materials well away from your home. Have spark arresters installed on small engines and equipment.
  • Have your access routes clearly marked from your property and your family knows your planned emergency evacuation route. Inform and practice escape routes.
  • Keep roofs and gutters clear of pine needles and debris.
  • Enclose or screen porches, decks, patios, attic openings and under decks.
  • Clear weeds, pine needles, and other debris on ground to a minimum distance of 10-feet from structure.
  • Dispose of slash and debris around your house in timely manner.
  • Create a home inventory of your possessions you’ve accumulated over the years. Do an annual insurance check-up and know what is covered and not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.