Burn & Building Permits

Burn Permits
Any resident wishing to burn slash or have a campfire on their property needs to acquire a Platte Canyon Fire Protection Burn Permit. Burn Permits are issued free of charge and only need to be obtained once in the life time of a residency. They must be picked up in person at Station 2 during business hours. NO BURNING OUTDOORS OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED DURING A COUNTY BURN BAN.

As of January 1st, 2016, Platte Canyon Fire Protection District Residents will only be required to call the Park County Fire Ban Information Line at (719) 836-4160.  This will inform the resident if there is a burn ban in effect.  If there is no burn ban in effect, permit holders are allowed to burn, within the permits guidelines. Residents are no longer required to speak to a dispatcher to report their burn.


Wildfire Hazard Construction Permit Application
A Conditional Wildfire Hazard Permit must be obtained for any resident who is commissioning new construction or building on a new addition, greater than 250 square feet, to their currently owned structure. These applications can be acquired at Station 2 during business hours (or downloaded from the link below) and there is a $150 processing fee. Once an application is submitted, a time will be scheduled for Wildfire Hazard analysis. From the analysis, a homeowner will be presented Wildfire Mitigation requirements. Once the mitigation requirements are met, a second inspection will be conducted and the construction will be given approval by the Fire Protection District.

Click the link for copy of Hazard Permit: Hazard Permit Link